High Tide Dry Suits, Inc. is a Pacific Northwest scuba diving drysuit manufacturing company.  Based in Olalla, Washington,
High Tide makes custom scuba diving dry suits for cold water diving.  High Tide is the warmest and the best quality scuba
diving drysuit, dry suit out there.  This drysuit is the best for cold-water scuba diving; including but not limited to Alaska,
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dry hoods, hoods.  We have four High Tide Dry Suit Systems.  
 Some divers earn their living from working beneath the sea.  
Mike Kesl (shown here in his High Tide suit) is one of those.  For over forty years Mike has done salvage work, dam inspection,
big ship repair and underwater pipe construction.  And there are lots of divers like him – those who dive in demanding conditions -
scuba instructors, marine biologists, aquarium divers,  sea food harvesters, deep water tech divers, military and serious divers.
For these people High Tide designed the
PRO dry suit.  Made from 5.0 mm compressed neoprene made to withstand repeated
diving as deep as 230 feet.  The outer jersey is made from
Triplemesh® – a heavy nylon armor which is nearly impervious to rough
and sharp objects.  Boots are our own
Rocklug® insulated boots with cleated soles, fin strap tabs, arch support and thick soles
that will prevent your feet from being bruised.  We even include extra wide suspenders so you can cool down between dives.
Every suit is custom made for the owner – included in the price.  This assures a quality fit in critical areas such as leg and torso  
length, seals and zipper size.
Each system comes with a custom made 100 gram fleece jumpsuit which not only adds warmth but wicks away sweat and
condensation to keep you warm.  There is no warmer suit on the market.  A layering vest is also included for deep dives or long
immersion times.
Transporting your system is easy since it comes packed in an awesome wet/dry cargo bag with dry pockets inside for paperwork.  
You even get a special wide hanger for storing your suit between dives.
Everything about this suit is top quality and made to last.  Definitely not an “off the shelf experience”.  Scuba Supplies, Washington
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Each High Tide PRO system includes the following:
  • Custom made to your measurements – included in the price
  • Suit made from 5.0 mm compressed neoprene rated to 230 feet
  • Triplemesh® armored exterior
  • Rubberized Kevlar® knee pads
  • Wide suspenders
  • Si-Tech® valves and inflator hose
  • Our special hard sole, fully insulated, Rocklug® boots
  • A custom made 100 gram fleece jumpsuit
  • A really nice fleece layering vest
  • A warm black fleece sock hat
  • Deluxe wet/dry cargo bag with shoulder strap and dry pockets
  • Zipper lube and seal talc
  • Baker Shoulder Saver®  suit hanger

Then High Tide has the SE scuba diving drysuit, or rather, the Special Edition.  This suit is our most popular dry suit.  We also have the Ti
drysuit system which was originally designed with women in mind as the armor on the outside of the suit is not as tough, constraining and
heavy.  The Ti dry suit system name comes from the fact that there are two layers of titanium foil underneath the nylon of the suit.  The
Sport drysuit is our most economical.  
Welcome to High Tide Dry Suits
"We don't water down our dry suits"
Phone: 253.857.0755          High Tide Dry Suits, Inc. 11233 Bowe Lane SE, Port Orchard, Wa. 98367        Fax: (253) 857-0755
University of Washington
research diver, Kevin
Parkhurst, enjoys his dry suit
in the Arctic.
High Tide Dry Suits, Inc.