• Both models come with full length armored palms
  • Both models come with wide wrist compression straps
  • Both models are made from commercial neoprene rated for diving to
    165 feet
  • Both models incorporate our “curved fingers” technology
  • Available in sizes from XS to 2XL
High Tide PRO 5.0 mm gloves
for $49.95, come with the
following features:
  • Made from true 5.0 mm thick commercial
    grade neoprene with twin layers of titanium
  • Polypropylene armored Seascale® palm is
    four times tougher than nylon and extends
    fully to the cuff
  • Extra wide wrist strap with hook and loop
    closure to help seal on top of wet or dry suit
  • Available in sizes from 2XS to 2XL
Our Pro 5.0 mm gloves will let
you flip off your buddy with
High Tide Dry Suits, Inc.
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Our designer started diving beneath chilly Puget Sound in
1964, so he knows only too well how cold water can make
your fingers numb. He was determined to make the
warmest and most comfortable gloves on the market, so
over ten years ago he pioneered "curved fingers" which
closely resemble your own hand's fingers when you let
them hang naturally at your sides.

This reduced fatigue in the fingers and made it easier to
close your fingers on objects or to
manufacture it correctly.  
Equally important, our gloves have only one seam on each
side of the finger to practically eliminate water flow.  Most
companies use “box seams” - four seams down each finger.  
Not only are box seam gloves generally thinner then
advertised (most so called 5.0 mm gloves measure out at
only 4.5 mm) but box seams let in a lot of cold water
through the stitching since there is twice as much stitching
at the corners of the fingers.  

High Tide gloves do not leak water through the finger
stitching, and the
PRO features a full length Seascale®
armored palm.  As in all of High Tide's neoprene
accessories, we use only a true 5.0 mm thick commercial
grade neoprene which is rated for diving to 165 feet and
has three times the life span of conventional “sport” grade