You can also order The Total Comfort Package (T.C.P.)
which includes the following:

  • Custom fleece liner made to your measurements
  • A really nice fleece layering vest
  • A warm black fleece sock hat
  • Deluxe wet/dry cargo bag with shoulder strap and dry pockets
  • Zipper lube and seal talc
  • Baker Shoulder Saver® wide suit hanger
  • Zipper dry suit hood
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The drysuit made for
High Tide Dry Suits, Inc.
High Tide Dry Suits, Inc.
The number one reason people drop out
of diving cold water areas is that they get
uncomfortable. As in COLD. And this
includes many people who dive dry suits
but feel overburdened in those baggy shell

So our designer set out to make an
especially comfortable and warm suit –
one that would appeal equally to women.  
He started with soft 5.0 mm commercial
grade neoprene – made to last with a
depth rating of 165 feet. Many neoprene
suits use “sport” grade neoprene which
collapses after a couple hundred dives and
loses much of the thermal insulation.  The
Explorer uses commercial grade neoprene
which lasts for over a thousand dives and
helps keep you warm longer. Two layers of
titanium foil lie beneath the nylon lining
to reflect body heat back inside the suit.
This thin material is soft, flexible and easy
to move around in, even with a tough
exterior armor.

If you want to really enjoy diving, to be
truly warm and comfortable, then order a
High Tide
Explorer suit that is made just
for you.

*Suit shows optional dry gloves.