High Tide Dry Suits, Inc.
Our Products are in use by the following:                      
US Navy
US Bureau of Reclamation
WSDOT Dive Members
WSDF&G Dive Members
Pt. Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
Many Search and Rescue Dive Teams
Alpha Marine
Dave's Marine
Diver's Institute of Technology
Global Divers
Nisqually Aquatic Technology
Many independent seafood harvesters,
gold dredgers, commercial divers, etc.
Seattle Shellfish
The owner and/or manager of almost
every major dive store in the Pacific
Northwest and many of their
staff's/instructors use High Tide Suits.
We have made women's diving lives more
comfortable by producing nearly 1000
proper fitting custom suits for them,
letting them enjoy their sport, this includes
many female instructors and divemasters.
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