• Custom made to your measurements
  • Suit made from 6.5 mm compressed neoprene rated to 230 feet
  • Rubberized Kevlar® knee pads
  • Si-Tech® valves and inflator hose
  • Our special hard sole, fully insulated, Rocklug® boots

Options available:

Relief zipper
Baker Shoulder Saver® wide suit hanger
Stock size dry suits often don’t fit the
owners very well.  Not everyone is a perfect
“stock” size, so the legs may be too long,
the wrist seals too loose, the boots too
tight.  Or you can hardly zip up the zipper
because the torso is too short.  It isn’t
much fun diving a suit that doesn’t fit you
correctly, everything seems to be a hassle.

At High Tide we recognize that not
everyone can afford one of our top line
suits, but would still like to experience a
good custom fit suit made from compressed
neoprene.  So we designed the Custom at
an affordable price.  This suit features
many of the same advantages as our other
High Tide models, but without the extras.

With a thickness of 6.5 mm, this suit is
made from slightly thicker neoprene than
our other models and therefore is designed
to be used without the 100 gram jumpsuit.  
(A lightweight undergarment should still be
worn so users will need to provide their
own thin, polypropylene underwear and
fleece vest).        

Custom model features Kevlar® knee
pads and our wonderful Rocklug® boots
that won’t leave your feet feeling bruised if
you walk across a rough rock beach.  You
still get our 1000 dive seam warranty for
the original owner. And best of all, the suit
will be cut for your physique, with correct
leg and torso length, snug seals, boots that
fit and proper circumference measurements
around your body.
All for a price that’s hardly much more
than an off-the-shelf model...

*Suit shows optional relief zipper
Why settle for an
off-the-shelf drysuit when
you can get one that fits
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